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About Me

Why wood block printing....

My background is in Social Work, recruiting and training Foster Carers, but I've always made time to be creative. I enjoy sewing and needlework to help me relax and unwind from work stresses.


I first tried wood block printing in 2021 and was immediately hooked on the ease of using a wood block to print onto fabric or paper. I love the feel of the hand carved blocks (often made by Indian artisans) and print with them using vibrant fabric paint colours to give a bold image.


What started out as a hobby and inviting local friends over before Christmas to share my wood blocks and print their own Christmas cards (with a glass of mulled wine) has grown to me increasing my collection of wood blocks. I now lead workshops with groups who want to enjoy this immersive and creative art form. 


I enjoy seeing people put down their phone and pick up a wood block and enjoy the process of printing a design onto something tangible they can take home with them.  Sarah x 

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